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Pollutant transportation models

Trace of pollutant

Concentration of pollutant

This program models the instantaneous ejection of polluting substances in atmosphere and shows the track of contamination in correspondence with current wind parameters. The altitude of the emitter above a surface equals to 8 meters. To launch the model, click on the map in a place of supposed ejection. To stop the model, click on the map again. Color of particles depends on their altitude.

  301 m   121 m   8 m

In this model, the calculation of pollutant concentrationis performed. The intermixture is generated by supposed polluter. The modelling is basing on the fluent data from meteomast (wind velocity and direction, standard mean deviation) using Gauss' formula for concentrations. To launch the model, click on map in the location of polluter, and then enter capacity and altitude of polluter. When the calculation is finished, the procedure can be repeated.

Current wind data: V is wind velocity; D is wind direction; DV is standard deviation of D in 10 min.

Altitude V, m/sec D, ° DV, °
301 m 06.6 076 13
125 m 06.7 055 17
8 m 0.7 45 20

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