ADAT-3M, Acoustic anemometer produced in Typhoon and installed on the mast

The acoustic digital anemometer-thermometer (model ADAT-3M) developed in SPA "Typhoon" is a 3-base ultrasound anemometer designed for measurements of wind speed and direction. The system is free from measurement errors in wind parameters connected with the variations of temperature and humidity. The device differs in a wide measurement range, i.e. it can measure storm winds (up to 55 m/s) and at the same time feels effectively a weak uniform air motion beginning with 0.05 - 0.1 m/s. The latest ADAT model is supported by measurement channels for air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure that makes it optimal for basic meteorological investigations, observations of atmospheric turbulence and air pollution monitoring including flux measurements at low wind speeds. The absence of moving units ensures high reliability of ADAT and a possibility of its operation in severe working conditions. The computer-aided model ADAT-3M can be used:


    Acoustic Anemometer