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Unique scientific and technical plant of ROSHYDROMET - Altitudinal Meteorological Mast (AMM) IEM SPA "Typhoon"

AMM-310 is commissioned in 1959. AMM-310 represents a tubular structure with a height of 310 m and diameter 2,3 m; it is installed on a spherical fulcrum, and is supported in a vertical position with the aid of multi-tier rope system. There is a lift inside a mast for realization of experiments and upkeep of an equipment.There are 13 working platforms with four sliding probes with length of 6 m for the arrangement of a measuring apparatus. AMM -310 does not have analogs in Russian Federation and countries of CIS. It is distinguished by equipment and integrated approach in measurement of parameters, including meteorological magnitudes (temperature and humidity of an air, velocity and direction of a wind, pressure), turbulent characteristics, optical performances on sloping lines. The parameters of solar radiation, deposits, clouds and radio-activity of an air, and also velocity and direction of a wind near the surface are measured on the meteorological ground near AMM-310.. The gathering and handling of an information obtained with the aid of the measuring complex AMM-310 is carried out on the base of computer technology. The basic virtue and advantage of AMM-310 in a comparison with the other methods of research of a boundary layer of an atmosphere is the possibility of a synchronous measurement of meteorological and other physical magnitudes in a 300-meter stratum with any time and high-altitude resolution under any weather conditions. The major directions of scientific researches for which AMM-310 is intended are experimental researches in a boundary layer of an atmosphere of a temperature and wind conditions, turbulence, conditions of transposition and scattering of an impurity, heat and mass exchange between a spreading surface and atmosphere. The information obtained with the aid of AMM-310 can be used for a solution of a lot of tasks of scientific and applied character: